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Each of us walks a path that is created by whatever has gone before - the path of least resistance. Following this beaten track we repeat our behavioral patterns, for good or ill. No less than the mighty planets daily circling the sun we are creatures of habit, and the course of each life is formed by daily routine. Little by little our habits can drag us to the depths or lift us to the stars.

Success habits

Modern life offers the possibility of a varied lifestyle but carries the danger of a loss of structure. Those who work alone, like writers, generally agree that it is easiest to work within the same set of hours each day. This creative routine becomes a useful discipline which aids efficiency and prevents work expanding into all hours of the day.

Without an agenda for the week, and specific plans for each day, it's all too easy to waste time wondering what to do next. Instead, it's more efficient to jot down your week's activities into a daily To-Do list.

The actions on your To-Do list will fall into these categories:

  • Urgent and important.
  • Urgent but not important.
  • Important but not urgent. These tend to get overlooked, so make sure you attend to them!

As you write each action decide whether you are going to so it, drop it or delegate it. Be sure that the action is within your capabilities, and that you are clear about the reward you will receive if you take it.

Daily Review

  • What steps did you take today, and what worked?
  • Did you achieve your objectives? If not, take account of your capabilities when you set fresh objectives.
  • Did you behave in accordance with your values?
  • What can you learn from this day's experience?
  • What did you enjoy?
  • What are you thankful for?


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