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"The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of."
Blaise Pascal

As the tides move under the moon, so you dance to the tune of an invisible piper, responding to forces which are outside your conscious awareness.

Dreams are a message from your inner world, and can sometimes offer insight into your deepest needs.

Can you recall a dream which seemed significant or pointed toward some new goal?

Dreams can throw light on any unknown factors lying between you and your desires, offering helpful warnings, directions or even solutions to conscious problems.

But your subconscious can get confused by your many competing demands. You need to build a bridge to allow messages to pass in both directions between your conscious and subconscious mind.

To incubate a helpful dream

Consider a problem or issue that's troubling you, and write down the answers to these questions:

  • What do you see as the main causes of the problem?
  • What are the possible solutions, and in what way are they inadequate?
  • How are you feeling as you write?
  • What hidden benefits might you be receiving from perpetuating your problem? (For example, do you enjoy the sense of purpose created by a problem?)
  • Does living with the problem feel safer than resolving it?
  • What would you have to give up (such as sympathy or martyrdom) if the problem were resolved?
  • How would things be different if the problem were resolved?
  • What extra information do you need and what do you plan to do with it when you receive it?

Having answered the questions honestly, summarize your deepest and clearest desire to understand the situation. Write one sentence which puts your question clearly.

Focus on your Incubation question, and repeat it again and again until you fall asleep.

It is said that we have ten seconds, after we awake, to remember the dream that we had. So be sure to have pen and paper ready to RECORD your dream as soon as you awake.

You will find that if you make an effort to capture the dream while it is fresh in your mind you will remember many of the details as you write.


Through dreams you can get in touch with hidden attitudes and qualities, unfettered by your conscious thinking process. Imagine you are describing your dream to someone who is unfamiliar with the ways of your world. Explain to him what happened, in as much detail as possible. Let the meaning follow naturally from this description, without worrying about understanding or making the 'correct' interpretation. Only you can interpret your dreams!.


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