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"The main reason people don't reach their targets is because they don't set them in the first place."
Denis Waitley


Have you ever believed something was meant to be a part of your life, and found that it suddenly appeared?

Have you ever had an idea which was so real for you that doors opened, people supported you, and the universe generally conspired to help you?

If you can answer yes to either of these questions then you have experienced the magic of true intent. You have communicated a clear goal to the forces which surround you.

How could you make more of your life, within one week?

1. Select just one aspect to focus on:

  • Lifestyle (activities to promote health and well-being or to improve your environment)
  • Relationships (enhancing friendships, meeting new people, dealing better with partners, clients, bosses)
  • Work (learning new skills, undertaking or completing projects)
  • Values (activities to develop your core values or spiritual practice)

2. Set an objective which is:

  • Specific. How will you know when you've achieved your objective?
  • Positive. If your intention was to lose weight by eating less starchy food, you would have to picture that food in order to describe the intention. This is counterproductive. Instead, you could say: "I will weigh 140lbs by exercising twice a week at the gym and by eating salads at dinner time!" Describe only what you want, not what you don't want.
  • Vivid. Does your intention evoke pictures, sounds or sensations? If not, it cannot be communicated to your subconscious mind.
  • Attractive. Your subconscious mind deals best with images which arouse your desire, so picture the reward of achieving your objective.
  • Within your power. The outcome should depend on actions you can take and not on others.
  • Realistic. You should feel confident that the objective is in line with your abilities.
  • Broken into steps. Break the task into activities you can undertake each day, which easily fit into your current routines.

3. Commit to making it happen within seven days

  • Enjoy the power of your decision to achieve a realistic objective within a specified time.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Ancient Chinese proverb

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