Mysteries of Southern France

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We start our series of supernatural adventures with an extraordinary interview with Roger Woolger, a leading past life therapist.

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Here's a bit more on British Psychiatrist, Dr Arthur Guirdham, from his book The Cathars and Reincarnation.

He believed the case history of one of his patients offered compelling evidence for reincarnation. He met her first in 1961 when he was chief psychiatrist at Bath Hospital, England, where she came to consult him about persistent nightmares.

She had been suffering for years from dreadful dreams of murder and massacre. I examined the woman for neuroses. She had none, but as the dreams had occurred with such regularity since the age of 12, she was worried about them. She was a perfectly sane, ordinary housewife, there was certainly nothing wrong with her mental faculties...

After a few months she told me that when she was a girl, she had written the dreams down. She had also written things that came into her mind, things she couldnt understand about people and names she had never heard of. She gave me the papers and I began to examine them.

What first amazed him, Dr Guirdham says, was the verses of songs she had written as a schoolgirl. They were in medieval French, a subject she had never taken at school.

I sent a report of her story to Professor Pere Nellie of Toulouse University and asked his opinions. He wrote back immediately that this was an accurate account of the Cathars, a group of people of Puritan philosophy in Toulouse in the 13th century.

She also told me of the massacres of the Cathars. She told in horrid detail of being burned at the stake...

I was astounded. I had never thought of reincarnation, never believed in it or disbelieved...

He also said that in her previous life she was kept prisoner in a certain church crypt. Experts said that it had never been used for this purpose. Then further research showed that so many prisoners were taken on one occasion, that there was no room for them in regular prisons. Some had been kept in that very crypt...

In 1967 I decided to visit the south of France and investigate, and I read the manuscripts of the 13th Century, these manuscripts, available only to scholars who have special permission, showed she was accurate. She gave the names and descriptions of people, places and events, all of which turned out to be accurate to the last detail. There was no way she could have known about them. Even of the songs she wrote as a child, we found four in the archives. They were correct, word for word...

I started this as a clinical exercise, and I have proved that what a 20th Century person told me about a 13th century religion without any knowledge of it was correct in every detail."

Perhaps some of the Borderlands listeners could provide more examples?

Mysteries of Southern France