The Spiral Mermaid


The Spiral Mermaid and the Bodhisattva Cat

Coral Temple


This extraordinary work was created by acclaimed artist and visionary, Coral Temple. Ten years in the making, the Ocean Oracle provides a key to unlock healing energies that have become hidden, dammed up and forgotten.


53 stunning images, coupled with inspired words, open a window onto the infinite possibilities of growth and renewal through mind, body and spirit.


The images may be used as a daily Oracle to gauge and balance inner and outer pressures and as an aid to meditation. They provide a springboard for the imagination, enabling you to pinpoint ways to heal whatever is broken in your life. They will help you harness your energy, vaporise anxiety and see and feel the magick in your life.


We invite you to meet the Spiral Mermaid and the Bodhisattva Cat with an open mind and an honest heart. Dive deep and discover the treasure that lies hidden within.


iBook Edition for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


Includes The Sub-conscious Liberation of Love, a video by sonic artist Jandy Rainbow. This music blends Tibetan bowls and solfeggio frequencies from a musical scale used in ancient healing chants and ceremonies. It will help you enter a relaxed, meditative state, ready to consult the Ocean Oracle.



Coral Temple paints a universe of mystical creatures and astral landscapes. She describes her work as “capturing the fragmented pieces of an inner world struggling to touch the divine”.


Coral has spent the last decade working on this Oracle of images and writings that “act as a spiritual compass along the road from darkness to light”.


Her public work to date includes the “Birth of the World” at the World’s End pub in Camden Town, a set of 13 huge canvasses, which are on permanent display.